Forji or Forgi or Forig? It’s Forij!

Our brand name is Forij. It’s a play on the word “forage”: to “search widely for food or provisions.” Well, we’ve got your provisions right here in the form of delicious adaptogenic granola infused with the extracts of medicinal mushrooms.

Problem is, people keep misspelling our brand name. It’s not helping them find us online.

Here are some common misspellings.


This one’s understandable: folks switch the “j” and the “i” and you end up with “forji.” Easy mistake. But it doesn’t help them when they’re Googling us using the wrong brand name.


Similar to “forji” but with a “g.” This common variant reminds us of “corgi,” that adorable dog breed with stubby little legs.

We put stubby little adaptogenic mushrooms (or, more accurately, their hyperconcentrated extracts) into every bag of granola we sell.

So, as cute as a Welsh Corgi is? That’s how healthy our granola is. Same level of awesome.


This misspelling of our brand is less common than the two above, but we still get it sometimes. Forig is easily arrived at when you swap out our all-important “j” for a “g.”

Did We Mention It’s Forij?

F-O-R-I-J. If you want to be super correct, add that little glyph that looks like an upward-facing arrow, right over the “o.” It’s called a circumflex, for those who like to get really into their phonetics.

With or without the circumflex, we are Forij, purveyor of functional granola containing extracts of lion’s mane mushroom, cordyceps mushroom, and chaga mushroom. These extracts are really good for you. Mushrooms are incredibly nutritious, pound for pound, which is why we use them.

Purchase our granola. You won’t be sorry. Not only is it a superfood; it’s downright tasty!

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