Life on the Road | One... at a Time Mentality

One Mile.


One Day.


One Night.


One Meal.


One Shower.


One Workspace.


One Task.


One Problem.


One Meeting.


One Gas Tank.


One Bathroom.


One Hour.


One Outfit.


One Page.


One Podcast.


This is how I live my life. I can't simply plan out the year, the quarter, the month or even the week.


The venture is too grand. Way to intimidating. And darn-right scary. Terrifying.


The sheer scale & mass of the trip drives my anxiety up the wall & anxiety wastes time.


Wastes opportunity.


Flexibility & focusing on one thing at a time.


This is what I must do to not only survive, but thrive.


This is what is REQUIRED to stay focused & get shit done.


Bite sized pieces.


Solve for one issue at a time.


Plan for one day at a time & change the plan as needed.


Stay on your toes.


Build. Ship. Iterate 

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