Life on the Road | Why is this Necessary?

No one is forcing me to live on the road.

To operate portably with stripped down amenities.

To merely survive in a world inundated with comforts & accessories.

There aren't (many) others that are doing this.

That have done this.

This isn't a common way to build a business like mine.

Travel & roadshow, sure, but to inhabit a vehicle & live like this?

No way.

I love that.

I love that I'm willing to do something that 99.9% of others in my situation aren't.

There's an interview question that I saw on Reddit in the early 2000's that's stuck with me.

"What do you do that no one else does?"

I sacrifice my comfort & livelihood to dedicate every ounce of soul, energy and focus on the mission.

My comfort is no longer overhead.

I know I'm stronger than I think I am.

I believe that if you REALLY care about something and REALLY want something, you'll do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to get it.

What do I want?

I want people to eat more functional mushrooms.

Why, you ask?

Because these things can, excuse me, these things WILL improve your quality of life.

How, you ask?

They help solve on the greatest epidemics known to today'shumanity.

A root cause to 5 of the leading 6 causes of deaths.

Something that has been estimated to cause over 75% of doctor visits.

Chronic Inflammation.

Hmmm … okay… if I take what you are saying as fact, why "today's" society?

Because Today's society is tired. It's beat down.

It's downright overwhelmed, over-stimulated, overworked & fucking stressed out.

Stress from working too much.

From not sleeping or resting enough.

From a poor diet.

From over-exerting ourselves physically.

From feelings of loneliness.

From isolation.

These things create inflammation.

Inflammation in your brain. In your body. In your bones. In your muscles.

Now, your body is suited to clean up the inflammation with proper rest & recovery.

But with little rest and recovery, your body can't catch up & it compounds.

It grows.

And when it grows, it festers.

It becomes an ailment.

Something your body sees as foreign & and an invader.

Your body starts attacking itself.

Breaking down itself.

From anxiety to muscles aches…

Chronic Inflammation is a likely culprit.

Now this becomes our normal.

Standard life.

We put up with these things and apply band aids, because, well, we aren't simply going to stop living.

We aren't going to stop the standard flow of life.

When you begin to address this core issue, you start to notice things.

Notice that you're sleeping better.

Have more energy.

Are more productive at work.

Are getting sick less often.

This is what it's all about.

Improvements in quality of life.

Just because our society has evolved to deliver ever-ending stressors, doesn't mean we will change.

We won't.

And so I'm on a mission.

On a crusade of sorts.

To help not only bring awareness to this issue, but provide a solution to help people address their inflammation and feel better to spend more time on the things that bring them joy in this life.

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