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What Are the World’s Healthiest Mushrooms?

Which medicinal mushrooms are the healthiest? Our customers ask this a lot, so we’ve compiled the healthiest adaptogenic mushrooms into one handy article. 

Here are the mushrooms you should be eating for optimal health.

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What mushrooms have the best benefits?

What are the benefits of lion's mane mushrooms?

What are the benefits of turkey tail mushrooms?

What are the benefits of reishi mushrooms?

What are the benefits of chaga mushrooms?

What are the benefits of shiitake mushrooms?

What are the benefits of cordyceps mushrooms?

What are the benefits of portobello mushrooms?

How can you take medicinal mushrooms?

How much medicinal mushroom extract is in Forij granola?

What are the World's Healthiest Mushrooms?

The consumption or adaptogenic mushrooms was shown to improve symptoms of chronic diseases, slow tumor growth, balance blood pressure and blood sugar, and aid in nervous system and mental health. Some of the healthiest mushrooms you can consume are:

  1. Lion's mane mushrooms
  2. Maitake mushrooms
  3. Cordyceps mushrooms
  4. Enoki mushrooms
  5. Turkey tail mushrooms
  6. Reishi mushrooms
  7. Chaga mushrooms
  8. Shiitake mushrooms
  9. Portobello mushrooms
  10. Oyster mushrooms
  11. Morel mushrooms
  12. Chanterelle mushrooms

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Lion’s mane is the miracle mushroom and one of the healthiest medicinal mushrooms you can get in your diet. It can benefit both mental and physical health. This adaptogenic mushroom has been shown to promote the production of nerve growth factor proteins reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve memory, and combat sleep disorders.

Hericium erinaceus can be a great addition to your diet if you have diabetes, as this mushroom is known for reducing blood sugar levels. Additionally, lion’s mane can be beneficial in the treatment of various progressive illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Lion's mane mushrooms

All in all, this shaggy-looking mushroom is a great one to add to your diet regimen, whether you’re trying to fight a specific illness or maintain your overall health. You can take a lion's mane extract or a powder to reap the benefits of this mushroom. Or, try out a few lion’s mane mushroom recipe ideas, or take lion’s mane fortified food (such as our granola).

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

The turkey tail mushroom provides a plethora of nutritional benefits, thanks to compounds called phenols and flavonoids. These compounds have incredible anti-inflammatory potential and are known to combat oxidative stress, as well as slow down aging.

These mushrooms also contain beta-glucans, compounds with known anti-obesity properties. Animal studies have shown that the beta-glucans found in turkey tail mushrooms aided in gut health and metabolism while reducing the risk of obesity in mice.

Reishi Mushrooms

Commonly referred to as the mushroom of immortality, reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is a true antioxidant powerhouse and one of the best mushrooms for chronic pain. Many use it for its anti-cancer properties, as this medicinal mushroom was shown to be quite beneficial for breast cancer, in particular.

Additionally, reishi is a great fungus to add to your diet as a way to fight fatigue and mild symptoms of depression. Plus, combining reishi with other medicinal mushrooms, such as lion’s mane and porcini mushrooms, could boost the brain-boosting benefits you get from these fungi.

Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga mushrooms land themselves among the healthiest mushrooms you can consume thanks to their beneficial effects on immune function. These adaptogenic mushrooms have the potential to slow the spread of cancer, reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, and improve skin and hair quality.

Chaga mushrooms grow on birch trees and prefer the cooler climate of northern Europe, Russia, Alaska, and Canada. Due to their popularity, coupled with relative scarcity, chaga mushroom extracts are quite expensive and hard to find. 

Still, a high-quality chaga mushroom powder could be a great addition to your diet, especially if you’re suffering from skin issues or want to reap the anti-inflammatory properties of this amazing fungus. 

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are low in calories, high in vitamin D, and loaded with dietary fiber. This edible mushroom is often used as a meat substitute due to its salty, umami flavors and meaty texture.

Shiitake mushrooms

Compounds such as eritadenines and sterols, commonly found in shiitake mushrooms, may be beneficial for the heart. An animal study examined the effects of this mushroom on rats with high blood pressure and concluded that shiitake normalized blood pressure levels.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps are among the healthiest mushrooms to eat if you’re battling cancer. This mushroom contains cordycepin, a compound that inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Polysaccharides found in cordyceps also show great potential to fight cancer, with research on its benefits for breast and colon cancer being particularly promising.

If you’re an athlete, you can benefit greatly from including this mushroom species in your diet. Cordyceps works as a natural energy enhancer, as it improves your oxygen uptake and ATP production. With regular use, this anti-inflammatory fungus can improve your endurance and help your body recover faster from strenuous exercise. 

Portobello Mushrooms

White button mushrooms, otherwise known as portobello mushrooms, are the most common mushroom type on this list. You can find these white mushrooms high in calcium, beta glucan, and conjugated linoleic acid at your local grocery store, and they’re quite inexpensive.

Low in calories and great sources of protein, these mushrooms are a common meat replacement in many vegetarian and vegan dishes. They are beneficial for heart health, provide a slew of antioxidants, and may even fight certain forms of cancer.

    Interested in Trying Medicinal Mushrooms?

    If you’re interested in trying medicinal mushrooms, it’s best to combine the benefits of a few fungi. And, what better way to do so than with a bowl of cereal?

    Our Forij functional granola contains hyperconcentrated extracts of lion’s mane, chaga, and cordyceps mushrooms.

    Forij Superfood Granola

    The granola is vegan, gluten-free, and delicious. You can choose from one of our three amazing flavors, or go with a bundle if you can’t decide on a favorite.

    Healthiest Mushrooms FAQ

    How much medicinal mushroom extract is in Forij granola?

    Forij granola uses a high-quality extract made from whole medicinal mushrooms. Our dual extraction method extracts both water-soluble beta-glucans as well as alcohol-soluble triterpenes. Our decoction process breaks down indigestible chitin cell walls of the mushroom to get much more of these compounds out than ordinary processes do.

    One serving of our granola provides 250 mg of hyperconcentrated mushroom extract, which is eight times more concentrated than a regular supplement. Therefore, you get as much lion's mane, cordyceps, and chaga as you would if you were taking a 2000 mg mushroom powder supplement, all in one bowl of granola.

    Which mushroom is a superfood?

    Most adaptogenic mushrooms are considered to be a superfood and should be part of a healthy eating regimen. They are a rich source of vitamins and minerals and may prevent or treat various illnesses, including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

    What is the healthiest type of mushroom?

    The best type of mushroom for you will depend on your health concerns. For example, cordyceps and Grifola frondosa (maitake) take the cake when it comes to cancer prevention (human studies suggest that maitake may prevent prostate cancer).

    Lion's mane is a reigning champion when it comes to cognitive impairment protection. Lion's mane also provides benefits for autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and many other mental health conditions, and may even reduce symptoms of chronic conditions, such as ALS and multiple sclerosis.

    To learn more about the benefits of lion's mane for cognitive health, take a look at our detailed guide to Hericium erinaceus brain benefits.

    Are white or brown mushrooms healthier?

    Well, that depends on the type of mushroom. Some mushrooms (such as lion's mane) are best when white or pale yellow. On the other hand, brown portobello mushrooms contain more vitamins than their white counterparts. 

    What is the most common mushroom for eating?

    White button mushrooms are the most common type of mushroom, followed by cremini, portobello, and shiitake mushrooms. Adaptogenic types of mushrooms are more difficult to find as wild mushrooms, so many opt to take them via a mushroom supplement or fortified foods.

    Which is better: oyster or button mushroom?

    Oyster mushrooms are pricier, more difficult to find, but also more nutritious than button mushrooms. However, button mushrooms have plenty of nutritional value too (they are among the few plant foods that contain ergosterol, a vitamin D2 precursor).

    What are the healthiest mushrooms for weight loss?

    If you want to lose weight, mushrooms are a great food to add to your diet. They are high in fiber and protein, and won't spike your blood sugar due to their low levels of carbohydrates. Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris can give you an energy boost, making them a great addition to your pre-workout meals as they can aid in exercise performance, and lion's mane was shown to aid in weight loss, as well.

    Is lion's mane good for hair growth?

    Yes, lion's mane is good for hair growth. This mushroom is a great source of protein and essential amino-acids, which are crucial for healthy hair. It also appears to aid in hair loss reduction, thanks to its ability to regulate DHT and testosterone production.

    Are there any disadvantages of eating mushrooms?

    There are no serious disadvantages of eating mushrooms. If you're not used to fungi, you may experience some digestive discomfort, such as indigestion and bloating. However, these side effects should subside quickly. 

    Are white mushrooms healthy?

    Yes, white mushrooms are incredibly healthy. For example, white portobello mushrooms contain high levels of proteins and amino acids (especially linoleic acid), which makes them a great protein replacement for vegans and vegetarians. They also contain high levels of selenium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and folate.

    What are the best mushrooms for gut health?

    Medicinal mushrooms, such as lion's mane, turkey tail, and chaga, possess benefits that aid in gut health. Lion's mane mushrooms may alleviate symptoms of digestive issues, such as of inflammatory bowel disease, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. Many use chaga mushrooms for constipation, as they appear to support healthy digestion.

    What is the best mushroom to fight cancer?

    Cancer prevention and treatment are among the many benefits of mushrooms. For example, lion's mane was proven to aid in the treatment of cancer, especially leukemia, lung cancer, and breast cancer. Aromatic compounds found in lion’s mane were shown to cause apoptosis of cancer cells, meaning that they encourage the death of cells affected by cancer.

    What are the best mushrooms for cooking?

    Simply put, the best mushrooms for cooking are ones you prefer to eat. White button mushrooms are most commonly used in cooking, while more expensive varieties, such as white and black truffles, add a ton of flavor to your meals. If you like the chewy texture of mushrooms, Tremella mushrooms and Shiitake can be great options, while lion's mane makes for the best seafood replacement.

    If you're interested in experimenting with some lion's mane recipes, make sure to give lion's mane crab cakes
     a try. And, if you don't like the taste of real mushrooms but still want to experience their benefits, our granola is an easy and delicious way to get some lion's mane into your diet.

    What are the healthiest mushrooms for immune system issues?

    The anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants in mushrooms make them your immune systems' best friend. A study from 2014 found that adaptogenic mushrooms, such as cordyceps, reishi, and turkey tail increase red and white blood cells, which helps the body fight infections and maintain a healthy immunity.

    Which mushrooms have the most nutrients?

    Every mushroom has their own set of beneficial nutrients and unique health benefits, so it's hard to say which ones have the most nutrients. For example, crimini mushrooms have high levels of copper and zinc, portabella mushrooms are high in selenium, and enoki mushrooms contain high levels of potassium.

    What is the best mushroom to eat?

    Mushrooms have been used for centuries in alternative and Chinese medicines to treat anything from women's health and men's health issues (such as prostate cancer, PMS, and ovarian cysts) to mental, physical, and sexual health.

    Due to their wide variety of uses, it's hard determine which mushroom is the best to eat. Instead of focusing on one mushroom, it's best to combine a few with different health benefits (for example, combining the mental health benefits of lion's mane with immune system properties of reishi).

    Should I take lion's mane mushrooms before working out?

    Yes, lion's mane mushrooms make for a terrific pre-workout supplement. These mushrooms can provide a natural energy boost and aid in the mind-muscle connection, among other benefits. To learn more about the benefits of this mushroom for your physique, take a look at our article on the benefits of lion's mane for bodybuilding.

    Forij Disclaimer

    This article was written strictly for informational purposes. This website is not intended to inform about professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of any kind. The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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