What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a unique class of herbal medicine that assists the body in restoring balance when faced with physical or mental stressors. To do so, they increase the body's resistance to stressors, combat fatigue and increase overall energy.* The mushrooms we use are potent adaptogens

Are these mushrooms healthy?

Yes! The mushrooms we use provide a variety of wellness benefits & are best known for their immune boosting abilities. These are highly attributable to the high level of polysaccharides. Read more below to see the individual benefits of each mushroom found in our granola.*

How long until I feel the effects?

You may feel heightened focus, a calmer mind, or increased energy immediately, but the best effects come from regular consumption. When consumed consistently overtime, your body's ability to adapt to stressors will steadily increase.* 


Mushrooms in granola?

Yup, but don't worry, you won't taste them! Mushrooms are packed with phytonutrients shown to be apoptogenic and support the body's response to stress and fatigue. They act like your personal bodyguard!*

Why do you use mushroom extracts?

Mushroom extracts are highly concentrated elixirs that contain 10-15x the value-enhancing substances compared to mushroom powders, this means all the benefits without the earthy taste.

Where do you source your mushrooms?

We source our mushrooms from North Spore, a Maine-based supplier that goes through rigorous scientific testing & strictly uses fruiting bodies to derive their liquid extracts.


Cordyceps are known for their physical performance benefits. They support natural energy levels, endurance, and stamina. They are also known to support the adrenal system which manages daily stress and fatigue in the body. Additionally, these mushrooms support healthy immune system function due to the presence of 1,3/1,6 beta-glucans and other special compounds.*



Lion's Mane

A newly-hyped nootropic in Western civilizations, Lion's Mane has been a part of Chinese and Japanese medicine for centuries. These mushrooms are known for supporting the production of nerve growth factor (NGF). Traditionally, Lion's Mane has been used to support the digestive system as well. Studies shown that Lion's Mane may support a healthy gut and stomach lining.*




Reishi has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years, and is commonly called "king of mushrooms" for its adaptogenic qualities. These mushrooms are revered for numerous reasons, including its support towards sleep and relaxation, as well as its support towards promoting a healthy inflammatory response to seasonal changes and shifts.*




Eastern cultures have been drinking Chaga for centuries for its overall benefits and soothing properties. Chaga mushrooms contain large amounts of the pigment melanin which helps protect against UV radiation. Additionally, these mushrooms offer potent antioxidant support and are nutrient-dense with essential vitamins and minerals, which in turn supports healthy aging.*



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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