Sustained Energy, Sustainably Sourced

Every decision we make helps to foster a relationship where we give back just as much as we take.

1% For the Planet

Our self-imposed environmental tax goes directly to 1% for the Planet. Forij has pledged to donate 1% of all sales towards organizations fighting to restore and preserve our planet. From the climate crises to air pollution to land preservation, 1% for the Planet is a global movement supporting environmental solutions to the Earth’s most pressing issues.

25% Less Carbon Emissions

Naked, sprouted oats, the base of our mushroom granola, are harvested, produced, and delivered with 25% less carbon dioxide emissions than traditional oats. We are partnered with Bay State Milling to make this happen. With efficient transportation, Bay State Milling saves 52,000 miles driving equating to 145,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. Their processing techniques save 618,000 pounds of steam corresponding to 67,000 pounds of carbon dioxide.

B-Corp Sourcing

2/3rds of our ingredients are sourced from GloryBee, an organization committed to blending purpose with profit. Throughout the ingredient production process, they are committed to meeting the highest standards of verified performance, transparency, and accountability. Some environmental highlights include:

- Generate 11% of power from the sun

- 40% Organic products

- Truck fleet uses 20% biodiesel blend from recycled oil

Sustainable Packaging

In an effort to reduce landfill waste, we are leveraging a packaging solution that is 100% recyclable. With this said, the solution IS NOT PERFECT - our packages must be recycled via Store Drop-Off

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