2X Productivity Booklet + Superfood Granola (Variety 3 Pack)

Hello & welcome! 

Curious how some people just seem to “do it all”? 

This will be you. 

They efficiently advance in their career, have a booming social life, enjoy several hobbies & are even in shape. 

This will also be you. 

These people are the same as you, just productive. 

The reality is, the majority of people are simply unproductive – quite literally wasting time. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ran a studyand here’s what they observed: 

On average, in an 8.8 hour workday, just 2.4 hours are productive. 

Sound familiar? 

What is that, like 25%? (it’s 27% to be exact) 

You know that random 15- or 30-minute slots between meetings that just withers away, likely from doom scrolling? 

Yeah, that is precious time wasted to the unproductivity. 

I wrote this guide after I experienced more in 2 years than I had in my entire life: 

  • I became an entrepreneur, a board member, a wine connoisseur & a certified Psilocybin Peer Assistant 
  • I raced a full ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run) 
  • I lived on a sailboat, out of a van and then on a floating home. 
  • I enjoyed cooking, hanging out with friends, travelling & generally getting to bed early. 

The best part? I’m nowhere near “100% productivity” – On a good week I hover around the 60% range. 

What did you think I was? A robot? 

I’m not here to “flex”. 

And you won’t be either when you’re convincing your friends to use these frameworks by telling them about the cool sh*t you’re doing. 

I’m here to share the 5 SIMPLE productivity frameworksthat have enabled me to do the above, all while being a normal human being just like you. 


    The brain is like the body & it requires both nutrition(think FORIJ granola!) AND exercise to stay in shape.

    The Forijers (our blob friends) teamed up with PH.Ds in Neuroscience to craft fun, simple & quick exercises that activate exercise your creativity, memory & processing speed.

    The best part? If you make it to the end of the 30-days, there is an exciting gift that is good FOR LIFE.



    Tasty Fuel!

    We pack in everything your noggin needs to fire on all cylinders!

    Low-Sugar, NON-GMO, Whole Food Ingredients, brain-powering mushroom extracts, & award-winning flavor.

    Each bag comes complete with 15% of Vitamin D & 250 MG of Lion's Mane Mushroom:

    Fun Games!

    This program won't turn you into a superhuman robot, but will drive noticable positive impact on your cognition.

    Pubmed.gov agrees:


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