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 Unleash your Potential 

Start your day with mental focus and natural energy from powerful, centuries-old, functional mushroom extracts.

🤝 We're Bringing Trust Back to Food Again 

It's simple - what you put in your body impact's how your body runs, and thus, how you feel. 
Unfortunately, In today's world, big food conglomerates create 90% + of packaged foods that are filled with sugar & cheap ingredients.

At Forij, we built our products for ourselves & believe our products are the healthiest, most natural products on the market.


    • Enjoy the hand crafted mouth-watering flavors that leverage spice for flavor rather than sugar
    • Feel the difference with 100% real ingredients & ancient mushroom extracts that provide real benefits
    • Eat guilt free knowing this is the lowest sugar granola on the market

    Kickstart your day with our delicious granola made with ancient mushroom extracts & 100% real ingredients to help you do more of whatever brings you joy in life.

    • ⚡ Lion's Mane: Supports mental focus, memory and mood*
    • 💪 Cordyceps: Promotes natural energy, endurance and strength*
    • ⚖️ Chaga: Provides antioxidants & addresses inflammation*

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    • 100% real ingredients
    • Gluten-Free, Vegan, non-GMO ingredients
    • Caffeine-Free
    • 3g - 4g of sugar
    • 8g - 10g net carbs
    • 4g - 5g of protein 

      Introducing, Functional Snacking

      Did you know that mushrooms are one of the top superfoods on the planet? Yet, less than 10% of people eat them on any given day.

      This is why we launched Forij - so you can seamlessly improve your memory, strengthen your skin and bones & have more energy - all from eating an award winning granola.

      It's simple really, we extract the key health nutrients from mushrooms and infuse them into our craveworthy granola.

      Don't Fret, We Do More than Talk

      National awards came flying for our flavor & function:

      Is Functional Snacking any Fun?

      How do you eat granola besides straight from the bag or with yogurt?

      Don't worry, we compiled the most fun and inventive ways our customers eat Forij below!


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