Turkey Tail Package

 For a limited time only;

Get a free pack of Turkey Tail powder (a $30 value) when you purchase this Turkey Tail Giveaway Package. Package includes one of each flavor of granola and a bag of turkey tail extract powder.

    • FORIJ - Holistic Nutrition, made simple. Very simple.
    • Every bite
      • Low sugar, Whole food ingredients
      • Brain-protecting ingredients
      • A daily amount of vitamin D
      • Brain-protecting ingredients
      • Award winning flavor


    The brain is like the body & it requires both nutrition(think FORIJ granola!) AND exercise to stay in shape.

    The Forijers (our blob friends) teamed up with PH.Ds in Neuroscience to craft fun, simple & quick exercises that activate exercise your creativity, memory & processing speed.

    The best part? If you make it to the end of the 30-days, there is an exciting gift that is good FOR LIFE.



    Tasty Fuel!

    We pack in everything your noggin needs to fire on all cylinders!

    Low-Sugar, NON-GMO, Whole Food Ingredients, brain-powering mushroom extracts, & award-winning flavor.

    Each bag comes complete with 15% of Vitamin D & 250 MG of Lion's Mane Mushroom:

    Fun Games!

    This program won't turn you into a superhuman robot, but will drive noticable positive impact on your cognition.

    Pubmed.gov agrees:


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