Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract


30-day supply.

Revered for centuries for its health benefits, Turkey Tail is a mushroom packed with immune supporting beta-glucans to give your immune system the support it needs. Hot water extracted for maximum benefit and packed into all natural plant based capsules. Stay healthy all year long with this powerful mushroom.

100% pure Turkey Tail extract powder made from whole mushroom fruiting bodies. Thoroughly hot water extracted, and tested for verified levels of active compounds

    What to Expect

    Nature meets Nurture

    Our brand name - Forij - embodies our ethos - using ingredients foraged from the ground (aha!)  All of our recipes use nutrients from powerful mushrooms that help your brain grow.

    Don't worry though - you won't taste them or see them in your granola (gross)! We use a highly-concentrated 8:1 mushroom extract powder, so there aren't chunks of mushroom and the only flavor notes you'll pick up are vanilla, cinnamon & cacao!

    Not to Show Off...

    But thanks to our awesome community, we earned some pretty awesome national awards for our flavor & function last year

    Putting the "fun" in Functional Snacks

    At Forij, our goal is always to bring a little liveliness to the everyday. So, over the past year, we compiled some of the most fun and inventive ways to eat Forij!

    No Trip, All Treat

    I'm guessing you're also wondering if these mushrooms are the "trippy" kind? Absolutely not.

    These mushrooms fall in a category known as "functional mushrooms" & have been used as health remedies for over 2,000 years in Asia.

    Each serving of granola uses 250mg of an 8:1 extract of three awesome mushrooms (this is comparable to 2000mg of a normal powder you may see in other products)

    Tons of studies show the efficacy of them. (linked)The specific mushroom that we focus on is called Lion's Mane - it's best known and studied for its abilities in keeping the brain healthy & helping it grow. Want to dig into the research?

    Forijing the Country

    We're taking the Forij brand coast to coast and leaving no stone unturned on our mission to bring healthy and functional snacking nationwide


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