Winter Defender Bundle ($75 OFF)

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 Defend Against the Cold 

Winter is approaching & we thought, what better time to hook it up for our customers and get them supplied for the whole winter (Oh, and ALSO introduce 2 new exciting products)
This is a HUGE value worth $185! We're so excited to offer is for $75 OFF this holiday season!
For a limited time, we're testing a new flavor - Grain-Free Ginger Hemp.
Buttery hemp seeds and a punch of sweet ground ginger take the spotlight in this distinctive blend. The flavor is hands-down ADDICTING & introduces a power-house mushroom to the mix - Turkey Tail.
We're also dropping a super-short supply of turkey tail packets as an awesome immune-support boost to smoothies, cereal, or drinks.

What you'll get in this Bundle:
6 Bags of your Favorite Flavor ($60)
2 bags of our new Grain-Free Ginger Hemp Flavor ($22)
30-day supply of our Turkey Tail Powder ($60)
FREE Embroidered T-shirt (Black of white) ($20)
FREE Recipe book - Our top 30 recipes in one e-book ($10)
FREE Mini Packs (6 free mini packs!) ($10)

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